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Dorian marries elements of pop and hip-hop in the soothing sound of “Reign Love”.

Dorian - Reign Love

Dorian marries elements of pop and hip-hop in the soothing sound of “Reign Love”. Nice production value helps the song shine. His voice features a kindness to it, one that delves deep into the psyche. Sung with such pathos, he makes every single line count. Positivity proves to be of the essence as the optimism that guides the song along has a reassurance to it. By far the very heart and soul of the atmosphere rests with his vocals. With his words he manages to give shape to the rest of the mix allowing it all to swirl about in a delirious haze.

From the very first moment the groove gets established. A subtle bass, a nice quiet beat, this is not loud music. Rather than go for the club this is for the night afterwards the way that it has a genteel affect to it. Nods to Drake and other similarly minded artists certain reign supreme for there is a joy to be found right in the center of it all. Layer upon layer gets added into the sound allowing it an atmosphere that feels all-encompassing. Verses too cascade one after the other in a delicate kaleidoscopic array. By keeping things subtle the smallest gestures gain considerable importance for they get to reverberate amongst the vast open space. Over the course of the piece he slowly moves closer to the listener, making the song highly intimate in its own distinct fashion.

“Reign Love” revels in the exquisite care and affection that Dorian lavishes upon the listener in a way that feels truly his own.



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