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Dub and pop merge to become one on the positively infectious grooves of Aloosh’s “Waiting”.

Aloosh - Waiting (Radio Edit)

Dub and pop merge to become one on the positively infectious grooves of Aloosh’s “Waiting (Radio Edit)”. Nods to the sound of Portishead’s trip-hop play an important role in the overall spaciousness of the work. Everything here has a great balance to it. Things take their time here for there is a patience to the whole thing. A delicacy of sorts makes sense for there are lovely aspects to the overall sound. Quite nice production quality lends itself well towards other dub pioneers, particularly that of King Tubby and his ilk. Lots of volume is required for this is something that has a force of nature quality to it.

From the very beginning there is a groove that takes shape. Upon the establishment of the rhythm, it all flows through in its own gradual sense of pacing. Vocals rise above the rest of the sound giving it a spacious quality even as the bass grounds it within reality. Highly infectious they make sure that the many elements interact to create a vast kaleidoscopic array. Nearly psychedelic at times the song has a dreamy disposition one that feels doubly refreshing. Evolution of the work feels joyful for there is a power to it, one that manages to go for a muscular aspect. Lots of elements interact as there is a rabbit hole quality, as the piece constantly goes deeper and deeper into the thick of things as it has a grandeur to it.

“Waiting (Radio Edit)” revels in the exquisite style that Aloosh explores with such enthusiasm.



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