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Eden Dawn sculpts a beguiling, serene silky scope with the loveliness of “Indigo Dusk”.

Eden Dawn - Indigo Dusk

Eden Dawn sculpts a beguiling, serene silky scope with the loveliness of “Indigo Dusk”. A neat mixture of the acoustic and the electronic, there is nu-jazz spirit to the wonderful groove that helps to anchor it all. The multiple layers intermingle to create a sense of the psychedelic, as she explores a dreamy ethos one that feels pitch perfect. Nods adorn the whole of the piece ranging from the gorgeousness of Bjork’s style to the more understated spirit of Colleen’s electronic flourishes. Right in the centre of the entire thing comes the power of her voice. Lyrics here add to the sense of mystery that feels just right, with every word chosen with care.

Piano blooms up in a way that feels wonderful. The careful chords are woven together making sure that they set the tone for what follows. Crisp, nimble beat work adds to the playfulness of the piece, as there is a sense of geometry about the sound. By allowing the evolution to happen so steadily the workup of the sound has a living, breathing quality about it. So serene the sense of peace that rests right in the centre of it works as the foundation of the very work. Various colours burst forth on the entirety of the work, building up until it reaches a wonderful finale, one that seems to virtually fade on away into the silence.

“Indigo Dusk” proves to be a beautiful piece that shows off Eden Dawn’s uncanny ability to create an entire universe.



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