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Emma and the Fragments employ a dreamy-eyed hue to the tenderness of “Back To Blue”.

Emma and the Fragments - Back To Blue

Emma and the Fragments employ a dreamy-eyed hue to the tenderness of “Back To Blue”. The song has a 90s indie rock throwback to it. With a low-key disposition about it, the unfurling of the work feels outright righteous to behold. Rhythms work wonders for they drive along in a truly propulsive fashion. Quite spacious, they take on a reflective stance over the course of the work. Long ago, people used to make music this infused with soul, yet this distinct sound seems to be sorely missing in the current musical lexicon. As a child of the 90s myself, returning to my roots via this song felt particularly uplifting, even joyous.

The song has such a defined edge to it, one that yearns to rise above. Lyricism goes for a late-night cryptic stance, and the verses have a poetry to them. One line after another is applied with gusto, and her delivery is patient. Nothing here ever gets rushed for the main emphasis of the sound is one of atmosphere, of getting lost deep within one’s own thoughts. A careful meditation, they keep things calm yet add just the right amount of tension behind it. With a slight bit of affection and compassion, the piece plays along with guitar work that adds to the otherworldly presence of the very work’s soul, as it all culminates in that satisfyingly sweet finale.

“Back To Blue” shows off Emma and the Fragments’ ability to tap into the slacker aesthetic of the 90s musically, no mean feat.



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