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Geo lets an old-school hip-hop funk flavour with “Like This Like That”.

Geo - Like This Like That

Geo lets an old-school hip-hop funk flavour with “Like This Like That”. Everything about it has a sultry, flirtatious quality to it. Full of life, the song explores a togetherness to it. With a distinct club ethos to it, they let the late-night vibes enter into the equation. By far the highlight comes from her silky-smooth vocals that have their own love to them. Volume is a must for this is the sort of track that needs to be blasted at the highest possible volume. Over the course of the track, they keep things simple yet effective. Deep in the track’s DNA there is a classic cadence that helps to guide it along.

Everything within the sound starts up quickly. Grooves set themselves up in a driving rhythm, for it is easy to get lost in all of the polished perfection. Such a glamour informs the sound. With this there is a glam sort of quality to it, as the kaleidoscopic element feels so absolutely fantastic. Full of so much energy, she conveys an entire life lived to the absolute fullest over the course of the track. Done with dignity, hers combines elements of old-school and nu-school hip-hop alongside R&B, reveling in the hybrid style. Larger and larger, the piece expands, growing quite large. A freewheeling approach seems to frame it for there is the togetherness, the communal presence that adds to it sheer heft.

“Like This Like That” shows off Geo’s exquisite skill in crafting a world that has a vibrant beauty to it.



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