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Industrial pop and electro merge to become one on Freaky Farm’s fiery “Coupled Spins”.

Freaky Farm - Coupled Spins

Industrial pop and electro merge to become one on Freaky Farm’s fiery “Coupled Spins”. Despite its very clear electronic origins there is a naturalistic beauty to the work. Perhaps it is the effortlessly soothing vocals that radiate throughout the vast space, or maybe it is the low-key groove that anchors it. The result is the same – a sound that is absolutely drenched in sunlight. Opting for a bit of the reflective they make sure to hold absolutely nothing back. Layer upon layer interacts creating a modern psychedelic display. By far the highlight comes from the lyrics which have a degree of grace about them tying the entirety of the symphony together.

Piano introduces the work before quickly being overcome by impressive synthesizer work. There is a degree of a ritualistic ethos that takes hold of the work. Cyclical in style they take a number of reference points from the spaciousness of Depeche Mode. Beautiful in its own unique way, the evolution of the tempo feels quite potent in a number of ways. Every beat bounces off the walls in a way that adds to the Byzantine nature of the piece. Various flourishes come together to craft something that has a stellar presence to it. Nor do they need to be loud there is a warm, welcoming aspect to the way it all comes on through, full of tremendous bursts of color.

Done with a large degree of finesse, Freaky Farm proves to be poetic storytellers on the soothing pastoral odes of “Coupled Spins”.

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