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Jade Moede gives a nod to horror on the doo-wop influenced stance of “Rosey My Zombie Girlfriend”.

Jade Moede - Rosey My Zombie Girlfriend

Jade Moede gives a nice nod to horror on the doo-wop influenced stance of “Rosey My Zombie Girlfriend”. A truly great addition to the pantheon of novelty tracks, this one incorporates a wonderful sense of humor. They go for a classic approach. By sidestepping trends they go for something a little more timeless. Much of the track has a quality that feels strongly reminiscent of Flight of the Concords, for they make sure that the verses are amply supported by the incredible chops that the band possesses. Interplay shows that they truly listen to each other.

The very beginning of the song they set the tone for what follows. Vocals have a particular popping quality to them. From there the rest of the track comes into view quite quickly. Rhythms here have a leisurely, strolling quality to them. A lot of the sound has a spirit recalling the 50s, as it is one of those styles that seems to have been lost to time. Putting it alongside a goofy horror love song lyricist helps to ensure that it does feel highly memorable. Honestly I cannot remember the last time I heard a song as joyously silly as this one, so that has to count for something. Over the entirety of the piece the singer definitely draws the listener into this truly surrealist mood, one that truly makes the mood a whole universe.

“Rosey My Zombie Girlfriend” shows off the deft skill of Jade Moede in creating a world that absolutely teems with a real sense of life.



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