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Jay Moussa-Mann has released emotive new single ‘Tell Me’

Jay Moussa-Man has delivered a brand new track entitled ‘Tell Me’. Moussa-Man’s voice commands the song well with the words resonating strongly within the listener. The gradual layering of the stronger vocals, the piano and string/violin bring a cohesiveness and strength to the track. The lyrics on this track are truly hand-crafted to perfection, with the instrumental arrangement designed to convey the story of this song in a powerful way. It is evident from ‘Tell Me’ that she has a natural capability when it comes to telling her story in a musically poetic way that is so captivating to listen to.

The song navigates the question of self-worth after a troubling relationship and the questions you may ask yourself when you struggle to find yourself after a hard time in your life. This is something everyone will be able to relate to and it has been showcased in a beautiful way – we would expect nothing less from the raw and emotional songwriter and producer Moussa-Man. These lyrics encourage you to reflect and persevere as the song explores herself in a very raw and vulnerable light which is beautiful and unique to see. She is telling the story straight from her perspective and still enabling you to relate and live through her vicariously, truly beautiful. If this track is anything to go by, her second self-produced album, dropping later this year, will be a stand out album and one to look out for! Watch the music video right here: Follow Jay: Youtube | Instagram | Website



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