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JIVA goes for a mysterious trip-hop journey with the potency of “Mantra מנטרה”.

JIVA - Mantra מנטרה

JIVA goes for a mysterious trip-hop journey with the potency of “Mantra מנטרה”. Done with the utmost of style, the way she allows the evolution of the groove to occur feels outright masterful. Industrial and ambient make their way through the entirety of the piece for there is a glimmering brilliance about all of it. The multi-faceted, multi-layered approach works wonders but really the true heart and soul of the piece comes from her voice. Sung with such fire and passion, the sound absolutely pops for her vocals have a commanding presence, even a bit of intensity. Volume is an absolute must for there is a rush to the whole of the thing, as the work grows and expands out into the seemingly infinite.

She has the listener’s attention right from the very beginning of the piece. The synthesized syncopated beats with an attention-grabbing effect. Grooves have an efficient, limber presence to them at first. Full of so much space, the expansiveness of the sound works wonders in making something that is so wonderful to behold. Layer upon layer is added for delirious effect for there is a gorgeousness to the entirety of the piece. Upon the first drop of that guitar though that is when things are taken to the next level. With a punk meets Portishead energy about it, the piece screams to the finale with its epic stance.

“Mantra מנטרה” revels in a sense of unknowable beauty, for JIVA’s beguiling vocals linger with the listener long after the track has ended.



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