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Joho bursts onto the scene with a true party-starter anthem of “Just Be Honest”.

Joho - Just Be Honest

Joho bursts onto the scene with a true party-starter anthem of “Just Be Honest”. Here there are a lot of different genres that blend themselves together, from hip-hop to EDM to even elements of rock within the entirety of the journey. By far though his vocals possess a degree of a true warm, welcoming presence about it. The buildup utilized over the whole of the experience adds to its allure, for he has a lot of attention to detail the sort of thing that gives it a living, breathing presence.

For the first few moments there is a hushed awe about it, one that touches the very soul. Upon the inclusion of the vocals the song comes into full bloom. Drum hits go deep in the red with a heavy emphasis on the bass. Layer upon layer gets filtered into the fray for there is a grandeur to the way he does it, allowing the verses to explore such detail. With a post-rock quality at certain moments the work has a sprawling aspect. With a virtual wall of sound crashing over the listener there is a blend of the old school and contemporary mix of rap. Word choice matters for he packs every single detail with the greatest of care, allowing for the rest of the sound to have an exquisite soulfulness.

Everything rushes forward with the bright brilliant blur of Joho’s “Just Be Honest” for there is a decency to it, one that revels in its undeniable charms.



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