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Judah Gavra offers a glimpse of hope on the powerful “Dreamer”.

Judah Gavra – Dreamer

Judah Gavra offers a glimpse of hope on the powerful “Dreamer”. Quite a complicated piece, the lyrics focus upon the ability to overcome depression to discover true happiness and creativity. While there is a romanticism to the fact that sadness inspires work, that is far from always being the case. Throughout the track Judah posits that the opposite is true – that in order to dream there must be something to dream for, to look forward to. Happiness thus is an essential attitude to making art that delivers something meaningful. For the pandemic certainly showed what happened when people are thrust into a sudden moment of bleakness – a sort of arrested period, unable to crawl out of bed, unable to accomplish much. Yet it is that fight, that struggle against the initial hopelessness that can result in truly magnificent pieces of art. Art is not created out of sadness then it is created in opposition to sadness.

From the very first moment Judah has a stately presence to his voice. Within the development of the song the piece grows and expands. Instrumental interplay becomes more active yet has the same degree of giddiness to it. Lyrics follow this rising action arc, becoming unwieldly beasts that truly touch the soul. Melodically dense there is an ease to the way that it unfurls, as if it was a hard process to get here yet the journey is what makes that sweet finale all the more satisfying.

“Dreamer” features the deft skill of Judah Gavra in creating a world that truly teems with life.



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