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Juze goes for a summer jam spirit on the sun-drenched Balearic tenor of “Just Okay”.

Juze - Just Okay

Juze goes for a summer jam spirit on the sun-drenched Balearic tenor of “Just Okay”. The tropical flavour works wonders playing to their strength. Laid-back, ambient surf rock effects move alongside a propulsive beat. At times they touch upon a bit of the joy of Cut Copy’s mellowed-out party atmospherics. The beat here matters though it has a neat bit of restraint behind. Lush to its very core the song has a luxurious quality as it is easy to get lost in all of the many textures. Vocals here feel keenly attuned to the rest of the track, as their yearning quality feels outright wonderful to behold.

Evolution of the sound happens with subtle gestures rather than anything major. By allowing these details to filter into the fray for the song grows and expands into expansive, soothing ways. Lyrically he displays a great understanding of poetry and the internal dynamics of relationships, for they have such a grace to them. Layer upon layer works wonders for they add to the hypnotic groove of the piece. There is a lot to unravel within the piece as they allow for these small yet significant elements to fall into place, working together in a singular unique vision. For the final stretch it all feels so freewheeling and joyous, as the song builds up into a big beautiful creating wave of sound.

“Just Okay” revels in Juze’s uncanny ability to dive headfirst into a dazzling display of colours, ones that wash over the listener with good vibes.

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