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“Last Night” shows off Kiah Rogers vivid ear for melody.

Kiah Rogers - Last Night

A tender touch of classic R&B permeates the whole of Kiah Rogers’ “Last Night”. His understanding of chords proves to be exceptional for the whole of the track has a heavy, luxurious sound. Polished to perfection the track virtually glistens in the moonlight for there is a seductive element to the melody. The groove offers ample evidence of this for the tempo is slowed down until it becomes nearly jazz-like in its delicate balance. By far the thing that brings all these elements together are those vocals. Sung with such passion, there is a love to the way the lyrics effortlessly blend together to recall a tale of true adoration and affection.

Right from the first moment the song’s silky smooth groove reigns supreme. Little details here matter for Kiah keeps things to the essentials. Never overdoing things by keeping things simple at first, he is able to craft an entire journey within the piece, one that is such a joy to behold. Every single element comes on through, from the power of the keyboards to the subtle rhythms that emerge from the hypnotic reiteration. Over the course of the piece, he does not need to raise his voice at all for there is an intimacy with the way he delivers each line as if to someone he cherishes deeply and completely.

“Last Night” shows off the vivid ear for melody of Kiah Rogers as he takes a classic R&B sound and brings it into the present in a way that feels respectful.



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