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Lemon goes for a joyous celebration of sound with “Before We Fade To Grey”.

Lemon - Before We Fade To Grey

Lemon goes for a joyous celebration of sound with “Before We Fade To Grey”. Everything about it stuns. The atmosphere is absolutely drenched in ever so much sunshine. With an early 90s Second Summer of Love flair to it the work incorporates so much into the fray. A rich tapestry of textures she weaves a lot into the mix. By ensuring that every single element comes together the percussion has a looseness to it. Deeply embedded into the sound is a degree of the psychedelic that rolls on through the entirety of the work. It has a symphonic quality. Vocals rest at the core of the work, and the lyrics are chosen with such care.

Right from the very beginning the song starts things off with such gusto. The dexterity used helps to give the electronica a classic cadence to it. Over the course of the piece there is a grandeur to be found. Everything here has a profound beauty to it. Neon hued splendor radiates through and they have a lot of color to it. By far the beating heart of the whole thing comes from the word choice. A sense of true love pours into the piece, one with a fine degree of flexibility. Grooves are polished to perfection for they have a living, breathing quality, one that helps to further highlight the large amount of pure light.

“Before We Fade To Grey” revels in the exquisite details of Lemon for his lyricism proves to be absolutely joyous.



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