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Linda goes for a funky dance rock fervor on “Losing My Mind”.

Linda - Losing My Mind

Linda goes for a funky dance rock fervor on “Losing My Mind”. A completely addictive track, beginning to end, the song has a radical, righteous swing to it. Full of so much glee, the giddiness is displayed in virtually every single element of the sound itself. The drums, the guitar riffs, that slinky bass that weaves its way through the whole of the experience. Interplay has a powerful quality to it, for they listen to each other, playing off each other’s strengths. Vocals have a beauty behind to it. Done with such exquisite taste the whole of the work feels so exuberant. Pace is the trick, for they way they expand and elaborate on the initial sound further feels majestic.

Nor do they waste any time in getting started, for that infectious groove starts the song off right. The guitar’s sly work helps to add to the sense of happiness that flows through the whole thing. From there it is all a bit of a communal joy, with the track veering wildly. Everything within the sound positively pops, as they possess a keen ear for melody. By incorporating so much within it there is a blooming sort of fashion to it. For the final stretch of it the entirety of the track comes together, as the ebb and flow reaches a fevered pitch by the end.

With the sheer bliss that is “Losing My Mind” Linda revels in a bit of playfulness for she makes sure that every single element punches a visceral, intense punch to it.



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