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Martins Luv represents the best of Afrobeat’s future with the fantastic spirit of “UKWU"

Martins Luv – UKWU (feat. 99Drizzy)

Martins Luv represents the best of Afrobeat’s future with the fantastic spirit of “UKWU (feat. 99Drizzy)”. Neatly building off Fela Kuti’s original spark while creating something entirety his own, the way that the tropical flavour of the sound filters on into the mix has a loveliness about it. Percussion matters a lot for there is an easy-going demeanour to the way it all unfurls. Nothing here is rushed for every element is weighted for maximum impact. Lyrics are sung with a sense of passion behind them and just the right amount of fire. By allowing everything to go at its own pace there is a thoughtfulness to the entirety of the whole thing.

Percussion introduces the piece with just the right amount of care. From there the rest of the groove falls into place, ensuring that every single moment matter. The sparkling tones waft on up into the air in a way that feels so gentle and reassuring. Everything here works together as the piece builds in a way that satisfies the very soul. His vocals have a sweetness to them, filled with so much love. While everything gradually grows, it has a natural, pastoral bliss about it. In many ways there is a lushness to the tones used, for they bounce off each other in unexpectedly kind and compassionate ways, leading all the way to the final moment.

“UKWU (feat. 99Drizzy)” revels in a sense of beauty and delicacy, showing Martins Luv to be a true sculptor of sound.

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