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“Mellow Drama” by The Jones Project captures an entire small reflective moment.

The Jones Project – Mellow Drama

The Jones Project go for a smooth slow-moving sense of luxury on the tender soul of “Mellow Drama”. A fine blend of funk, R&B, rock, and jazz intermingle to create something serene. Meditative to its very core everything about it radiates with such warmth. Nor are they alone in this exploration of old school AM golden pop daze, for they have fine company with the likes of Jerry Paper, Mild High Club, and a whole slew of the Stones Throw roster. Instrumentally they bring so much colour into the sound, from the limber guitar to the glowing keyboards that glide on by in their own joyous way.

Right from the beginning they make the trip a comfortable one. Grooves here have a grandeur to them for the tempo adds to their stately presence. Layer upon layer intertwine to craft a universe of their own creation. Lyrics further emphasize a sense of place and of space while they unfurl so delicately. An incredible fragile arrangement volume is not a must because this is a lush sort of bliss, one that needs to be keenly balanced for maximum impact. His vocals at times draws from the R&B of the Weeknd for, like him, there is a kindness with the vocals that feels absolutely outstanding. Buildup of the groove allows for a great usage of texture that filters further into the fray.

“Mellow Drama” shows off the Jones Project’s uncanny ability to capture an entire small reflective moment and do so with such care.



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