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Mirabilia goes for a gracious slice of indie rock and indie pop perfection.

Mirabilia - Kind Lion

Mirabilia goes for a gracious slice of indie rock and indie pop perfection on the stunningly sweet “Kind Lion”. They rush through the whole track wearing their heart on their sleeve, for they get vulnerable with the listener in a way that feels respectful. Attention to detail means that every moment matters for they pour over the details. No one thing stands out for it is their combined effort, the vocalist’s energy matching with the guitar riffs and the infectious rhythm that makes it work. Everyone is truly in tune with each other playing off each other’s strengths in a way that feels so visceral.

Everything breaks out in a mad dash with the fantastic open. From there the punk-enthused riffs take shape, running across the entirety of the track. Upon the inclusion of the vocals, they reach that next level in terms of sheer audacity. They allow the sound to expand and grow, letting the groove gain an almost driving impulse. Nicely touching upon rock’s rebellious origins with that raw garage rock swagger, they ensure that it is all designed to hit with maximum impact. So many different elements emerge, and they veer uncontrollably over the course of the sprawling, epic jam. Letting loose completely there is so much freedom that they display throughout. On the finale they bring some neon-hued synthesizers in for the glorious finish.

“Kind Lion” is a playful, perfect, and thoughtful piece, one that revels in the exquisite ear for melody that Mirabilia possesses in spades.



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