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Murinaj brings ambient and pop together into a satisfying sweet suite with “Fear Of Quiet”.

Murinaj - Fear Of Quiet

Murinaj brings ambient and pop together into a satisfying sweet suite with “Fear Of Quiet”. Nods to Boards of Canada’s childlike sense of wonder emerge throughout. Beyond the catchiness, they incorporate electro licks within the whole of the entire experience. The cascading of the keys ever downwards feels celebratory. Everything within the sound goes for a multi-faceted, multi-layered approach one that becomes quite soothing to behold. Vocals help to tie the whole thing together as there is a joy to be found within the sound. Atmosphere manages to be an essential element for there is a romantic notion to it.

Grooves start off immediately. A buoyancy allows the piece to virtually bounce with a degree of glee. From this initial joy the rest of the sound gradually shifts multiple times. During certain moments there is an economical pulse that belies the whole of the track, for the sound brings to mind a little bit of Depeche Mode’s best moments. Full of dramatic flourishes the rest of the sound helps to create this living, breathing sonic ecosystem. Everything here has a grandeur to it for there is a bit of beauty to it. Melodies too allow for a degree of luxury to reign supreme. Synthesizer and guitar work are brought together to become one in a spirit of bliss, which nicely helps to close things out on a contemplative kick.

“Fear Of Quiet” shows off the intrepid skill of Murinaj in crafting a sound that feels futuristic and nostalgic at the same time.



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