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Musicismost crafts a visceral, animalistic track whose out for blood.

Musicismost - Pheromone Too (Hard Mix)

Musicismost goes for an intense, careening sound on the hard rock fevered pitch of “Pheromone Too (Hard Mix)”. A wild trip for sure, the guitar riffs, all gnarled and unruly, tap into the spirit of rock’s soulful origins. Drums opt for a force of nature quality as they slam on down with a passionate fiery presence. Vocals seem deftly suited to rise above this din in a way that feels to be truly awe-inspiring. The hard rock sound draws from some of the greats, going from Alice in Chains’ dark morose brooding spirit to the sheer firepower of Guns N’Roses at the peak of their powers. Indeed, the sound feels oddly timeless as they bridge together the past and the present.

They waste no time as the song bursts onto the scene with a wild energy. Right from the first moment the rhythm is set one that thrashes about in a majestic hue. Layer upon layer filters into the fray for they hold nothing back. Such chaotic energy races on through as the tempos are brought right to their breaking point smashing up everything in their path. By opting for this distinct sort of energy they deliver a deeply felt message, with lyrics that equally match the sheer strength of the sound. Textures are jagged, jaded edges that draw from elements of punk, hardcore, hard rock, and more to create something that has a classic sort of sensibility.

“Pheromone Too (Hard Mix)” shows off the exquisite power of Musicismost in crafting a visceral, animalistic track whose out for blood.



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