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Neia Jane goes for a fully bombastic beautiful poppy glam on “Missing You Tomorrow”.

Neia Jane - Missing You Tomorrow

Neia Jane goes for a fully bombastic beautiful poppy glam on “Missing You Tomorrow”. Her voice has a commanding presence to the entirety of the track. Every single gesture works to amplify the sheer power behind her, for her lyrics have a deep yearning quality to them. Melodically dense, there is a mixture of classical majesty alongside a hyper electro pop fervor. Best listened to on the highest possible volume to get the full effect, there is a wildness to the way she brings it all into a singular satisfying whole.

Electronic flourishes have a gentleness to them at first. Her voice immediately enters with a sweeping beauty. Verses are balanced with the utmost of care. Right in the background the rest of the groove gradually comes into focus. Upon the beats finally hitting they hit with a tremendous urgency behind them, as the vocals swim through the rest of it. There is almost a swimming, floating quality to the way she delivers each line, as if they are being relayed from another universe. With such a sheer gigantic quality the force of nature presence feels undeniable. Her fiery presence builds and builds. Even stylistically there is a shift, as the latter half of the sound becomes increasingly dense. Forgoing the lighter than air ambience of the beginning, there is an industrial psychedelic spirit that has a tremendous density to it.

“Missing You Tomorrow” shows off Neia Jane’s exquisite taste in crafting something that feels akin to a grand journey.



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