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Ohlayindigo embarks on a chilled-out jazz R&B combo on the spirited “Silent Treatment”.

Ohlayindigo - Silent Treatment

Ohlayindigo embarks on a chilled-out jazz R&B combo on the spirited “Silent Treatment”. Every gesture features a tactile element to it. Keyboards here ring out with a sense of beauty to it. The way she lets the sound evolve gives it a true massiveness. Melodies are crafted with care for every gesture is carefully considered. By letting the sound soar up into the sky, the initial intimacy is given a universality of sorts, one that feels poignant to behold. Beats have their own kindness, for they punctuate the verses adding to the emotional heft of the entire mix.

Right from the very beginning the hushed elements seem to come together. The slow, steady increase of volume adds to the majesty of the work. Evolution of the groove makes sure to accurately highlight the importance of their words. Verses here possess a kindness about them, which absolutely stun with their dreamy disposition. Over the course of the track volume slowly increase. Akin to the piece coming into view there is a gentleness to the way she lets it all filter through the entirety of the track. Full of care and compassion, the verses seem to sympathize with those who have been left alone, who desire a greater connection, any connection at all. Upon cresting with the sound, she gradually disassembles it until there is nothing left but the quietness that introduced it, making it go full circle.

“Silent Treatment” features the grandeur of Ohlayindigo, for her voice contains an infinite amount of love to it.



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