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“Paranoia Party” proves to be one of those impeccably drawn pieces of pop.

Danica Dares – Paranoia Party

Danica Dares goes for a surreal mixture of electro clash and shoegaze on the incredible journey of “Paranoia Party”. The way they explore sound has both a tactile of this world experience as well as a dreamier hue. Vocals rest front and center with clear nods towards the Cocteau Twins’ exquisite delivery. Akin to their work, Danica Dares sings in a soulful fashion with a slight air of mystery to adorn it. Little elements of electro clash emerge within the textures, helping in particular with the careful steady driving groove that propels the whole track forward.

Listen to previously released music video 'Giving It Away'

A straight dive right into the thick of it, the guitars encompass everything. Vocals swim through the din as if in a fantastic haze. When the electro flourishes enter into the fray they seem to break through the dreamy washes of sound that dominate much of the piece. By having these two elements intermingle a sense of tension emerges, which perfectly matches the anxiety of the lyricism. Her delivery has a yearning, lonely quality to it for it soars up into the sky. The sense and desire for connection informs much of the narrative as it has an intensely introspective spirit behind all of it. Full of so much spirit the song eventually wrestles free of this anxiety resulting in something that drives the point home in a bright brilliant rhythmic blur.

“Paranoia Party” proves to be one of those impeccably drawn pieces of pop, as Danica Dares creates a classic yet refreshingly modern sound.



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