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PREMIERE: Cross-Channel Music presents 'Bygone Days'

July 2021 - Cross-Channel Music is the solo project of French-born and London-based Pierre Lassegues. He is making music inspired by the melodies of indie rock and the energy of alternative music. Recently, the group dropped a fantastic new studio work titled Bygone Days. What’s special about this release is definitely the fact that it sets the bar higher, giving the audience a deeper insight into Cross-Channel Music’s willingness to make music that is not just catchy, but also deep and meaningful, highlighting the band’s ability to connect with its audience.

Bygone Days has an immersive introduction, which quickly builds up into a big-sounding verse, leading to an even more massive hook! This track might remind the audience of excellent songwriters such as Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, and The Vaccines, but Cross-Channel Music has a personality of its own which comes through in the form of a very specific flavor to define the creative coordinates of this particular studio release. There is quite nothing like music from artists who truly believe in what they do, and this definitely seems to be the case for Cross-Channel Music.

Find out more about Cross-Channel Music, and do not miss out on Bygone Days. This release is also featured on the upcoming album, "Man In A Dream" out this September...

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