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PREMIERE: The Lost Gecko presents 'Brothers'

The Lost Gecko is a Cork-based trio with a focus on creating music that portrays the band’s passion for intimate and soft-spoken folk-inspired songs. Today, they have released their new single, Brothers, which feels like a really perfect portrait of their sound. The song is built on a rather sparse arrangement, which values the acoustic guitar chords and the earnest vocal parts. However, the minimalistic nature of the composition also cleverly leaves some room for other elements to later jump in. The song welcomes some beautiful and hypnotic chants, which have somewhat of an ancestral quality to it, making the song feel incredibly spiritual and emotional.

As the title might imply, the song is all about family, community, and togetherness. It’s a stark and emotional reminder that we are all connected. This is something that most of us are coming to learn, for better or worse, in such a difficult time that the world has been experiencing. Humans and their lives are closer than you might think, and the ripple effect is real!

Find out more about The Lost Gecko, and do not miss out on “Brothers,” a song which feels like a perfect calling card for the band - out today.

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