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RavenRain delivers a futuristic Gregorian choir on the trance pop beaty of “LOUISE”.

RavenRain – LOUISE

RavenRain delivers a futuristic Gregorian choir on the trance pop beaty of “LOUISE”. There is a tremendous geography to the song for it expands out into the infinite. Her voice contains multitudes for there is an entire universe that she conjures up with her careful delivery. Lyrics have a wispy quality to them for they seemingly waft up into the sky. Melodically dense the whole of the piece sweeps on through in a way that feels classical, with the many layers intermingled into a vast sonic world. Nods to Beach House’s lovely compositions appear throughout, for, like them, RavenRain takes their time in making sure the mood is completely set.

She opts for an intimate approach and headphones are highly recommended to get the full effect. The sound wraps around the listener’s head throwing them into a shoegaze ambient wash of sound. Quite a wonderful tapestry the colours and textures chosen for the piece have a warmth behind them. Beyond Beach House, there are bits and pieces of My Bloody Valentine’s intense expressiveness. Over the course of the track, she proves to be exceptional at creating this buildup one that becomes truly lovely to behold. With each reiteration there is a hypnotic quality to the way she lets it all unfurl. Everything grows and works up to the grand finale, one that is particularly satisfying after the end of the surrealist journey.

“LOUISE” revels in its otherworldly charm, proving RavenRain’s thoughtfulness in crafting an arrangement that has such a meditative bliss behind it.



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