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Raw soulfulness one that proves Flaming June to be a masterful, captivating storyteller.

Flaming June - The Ballad Of Daniel Dawson

Flaming June opts for a theatrical, fiery display on the passionate performance of “The Ballad Of Daniel Dawson”. A sense of timelessness permeates the whole of the work for it is easy to become fully engrossed in the gigantic nature of it all. With strong nods to the energetic retro stylings of the Decemberists with a country rock grit, the thing powers forward in a bright brilliant blur. Indeed, at times the song has a spirit akin to that of a race, as the tempo is brought right up to the breaking point. Nor do they hold back as every single bandmate works overtime in matching the sheer intensity of her vision.

Immediately they burst out with the importance of the work becoming readily apparent. Lyrics flash on by while she spits out verses with the greatest of ease. Yet for the speed there is an affection, a lived-in presence to the narrative as it unfurls with such intensity. The focus of the work never lets up as they run through and explore the many facets that lead to such a life. Rhythms here have a ramshackle chaotic element about them. Volume is a must for theirs is a truly physical sound with a force of nature behind it all. Everything here simply works and what lingers is that journey that they set forth right in the very beginning down to its final moments.

“The Ballad Of Daniel Dawson” has a raw soulfulness one that proves Flaming June to be a masterful, captivating storyteller.

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