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S. Lois pares things down to the essentials on “I Stopped Worrying (A Long Time Ago)

S. Lois – I Stopped Worrying (A Long Time Ago)

S. Lois pares things down to the essentials on the raw intimacy of “I Stopped Worrying (A Long Time Ago)”. His guitar has a bluesy, folksy cadence to it while it conjures up natural pastoral imagery. By keeping things so direct it lends his vocals additional weight for every single verse is chosen with the greatest of care. The storytelling has a classic quality, seemingly timeless for he sidesteps trends to deliver something that feels quite vivid. Like being in a room with him he shows off how important every single gesture is, and makes them matter for he is a deft sculptor of sound. Within the journey the piece has a personal vulnerability to it for he quite literally is pouring his heart into it, all of himself into it.

The way the piece unfurls in its open has a crystal clarity to it. He sings with such confidence and commanding presence. All of it works wonders for it merges together to create a vast and beautiful sea of sound. Melodically rich the gestures are explored in full for there is a poignancy to the way he picks out his picks. With a uniquely carefree ethos to all of it there is a blissful aspect to it. By allowing things to be so direct there is a kindness to the power of his words one that runs through the whole piece.

“I Stopped Worrying (A Long Time Ago)” shows S. Lois tapping into a sense of hope, one that feels outright wonderful to behold.



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