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SALt embodies the beauty of post-punk dub with the heavy, clear-eyed focus of “Suffocate”

SALt – Suffocate

SALt embodies the beauty of post-punk dub with the heavy, clear-eyed focus of “Suffocate”. The sound weighs a ton for they bring in so much bass into the mix. Layer upon layer enters into the fray for theirs is a sheer force of nature. Everything here works. Her voice ties it altogether featuring a bit of bliss about it. Beyond the punk ethos, they incorporate a degree of twee pop that enters into the equation. Vocals weave it together in a way that feels cohesive.

Wisps of color enter in slowly. The gentle riff of the guitar alongside the ambient washes lets that bass come in with a stately presence. Volume is a must for there is an intensity to her performance. Everything here works in a laid back, thought-provoking way. Upon her vocals entering the mix the piece starts to truly expand. Bits of shoegaze’s dreamy disposition helps to further sculpt the entirety of the sound. Atmospheric and dripping with a sense of peace it all blends together into a hearty, soulful brew of sorts. Completely washing over the listener the tremendous displays of color feel soulful. Booms of these various textures help to add to the song’s seemingly classic stance. Nods to other post-punk revivalists like Dry Cleaning appear unavoidable, though SALt is a far much gentler creature than that anxious outfit. Even for the finale that has a symphonic burst it still possesses a sense of calm.

Done with a tremendous degree of dignity about it, SALt holds nothing back on the sheer force of nature that is “Suffocate”. "Suffocate" will feature on the new album "Fairytale on Fire" released on Feb 14th by HX records.



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