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Saphira’s “1000 Colors Sky” is an urgent piece of futuristic disco funk.

Saphira - 1000 Colors Sky

Saphira’s “1000 Colors Sky” is an urgent piece of futuristic disco funk. The infectiousness of the hooks demands the listener get up and dance. Fully capturing the good energy of the dancefloor, a bliss explodes throughout. Production stuns for the attention to detail means every single synthesizer sweep fully adds to the cinematic grandeur of the work. Her delivery at times recalls a bit of Berlin, for there is that similar cadence to her work. The sultry, sensual vocals are as if Nico decided to go for the four to the floor ethos. Quite a unique voice she draws the listener into her own world, fully consuming the listener in every possible way. Stylistically the song even incorporates bits of tech house and acid techno as a nice additional feature.

The driving, pulsing rhythm starts things off on a high note. Right from the get-go there is a tension that she builds up. Word choice has an exquisite luxury to it. Every single element works for the evolution of the groove happens in a regal fashion. Melodically rich, when she lets it all loose there is a cathartic release to it. Various elements rise up into the sky in a way that simply overwhelms the senses. Full of such care, the polished quality of the atmosphere reveals a great depth to the whole thing before it closes out in a mad dash.

An absolute true banger of a track, Saphira creates something that will truly move in many ways with the intense “1000 Colors Sky”.



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