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Sara Phillips offers a dark vision on the sleek industrial pop stylings of “nobody loves you”

Sara Phillips - nobody loves you

Sara Phillips offers a dark vision on the sleek industrial pop stylings of “nobody loves you”. Her lyrics are chosen with the utmost of care. A sense of insecurity and self-doubt permeate the entirety of the track. Everything about it features a tremendous intensity to it for the way that the track never loses focus feels outright real. Nor does the arrangement detract from her message, rather it feels perfectly suited to drive her very point home. The way that the piece evolves feels wonderful, for her ability to draw from similarly heavy-minded artists like Fiona Apple lend the track an authenticity to it.

The somber open sets the tone for what follows – heavy moments that are imbued with such emotional impact. From there the rest of the song filters in feels perfect – and everything hits just the way it is supposed to, as her phrasing further gives the work a haunted beauty. No light is allowed into the piece for this is one of those songs that explores the moments right before bed, the kind that can keep a person up, wondering if they are truly cared for. Sara’s answer appears to be no, that nobody is ever truly appreciated until after they are gone. For so much of a person is taken for granted and her voice’s anguish makes that abundantly clear.

“nobody loves you” works thanks in large part to Sara Phillips’ unflinching insistence upon exploring the lingering worries that help to define a life fully examined.

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