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Scott Klein embraces a rural psychedelic flourish on the potent trip of “SUNSHINE”.

Scott Klein – SUNSHINE

Scott Klein embraces a rural psychedelic flourish on the potent trip of “SUNSHINE”. Done with such justice, the acidic western twang of the sound feels soothing. His voice has a commanding yet dreamy-eyed presence to it. Less of a singer and more of a bard, the way that he allows the sound to unfurl feels righteous in a way. The poignancy of the narrative is what rests at the very heart of the song helping to guide it along. Instrumentally vibrant there is a great sense of interplay amongst the musicians for they know when to pull back as well as when to interject.

Drums have a bombastic presence to them with the guitar riffs adding to the otherworldly presence of the piece. A loose rhythm takes shape for the ramshackle presence fits in with such ease. When they let the sound burst forth in a wild-eyed display of emotion, there is a sense of an animalistic yearning. The guitar work has a phenomenal touch to it for it has a neat balance behind all of it, in a way that feels pitch perfect. Right in the background the backup vocals add to the sense of the weird and wonderful way the piece seemingly soars right up into the heavens. Attention to detail means that there is a great heft to the way they do things for they hold nothing back.

“SUNSHINE” shows off Scott Klein’s uncanny ability to capture a sense of time and place in a way that has its own distinct magic behind it.



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