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Serpenta delves into a gothic pop on the cryptic “Puppet Show”.

Serpenta - Puppet Show

Serpenta delves into a gothic pop on the cryptic “Puppet Show”. Her voice truly leads the way for it ties the entirety of the work together. Lyricism here proves to be essential for it is woven into a whole narrative. Electro, industrial, noir jazz, and ambient blend into the singular piece. Grooves here have a slinky seductiveness to it, as the piece unfurls in a way that has a grandeur to it. Things within the sound itself builds up into a virtual tidal wave, washing over everything in its wake and adding to its alure.

Pulsing with energy, they start things off strong with a haunted disco take on the whole of the piece. From there they ensure that every single moment matters as the evolution of the groove is heavily dependent upon the strength of her voice. Range is rather impressive for her as she is able to get her voice to soar up into the very heavens. Full of a bit of anguish and pain, there is a yearning that help to serve as the track’s very anchor. Nods to groups like Dresden Dolls and Le Tigre emerge for there is an intensity that draws the listener into the thick of it. For the final stretch of the thing they let it all out, as the song works itself up into a spirited frenzy before fading out into the ether.

“Puppet Show” proves to be a beautiful work, as Serpenta sculpts an aural universe that is distinctly her own.



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