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Sky Canyon brings a giddy joy to the cool swinging jazz of “Wijic”.

Sky Canyon – Wijic

Sky Canyon brings a giddy joy to the cool swinging jazz of “Wijic”. By far the highlight of the track comes from that vibraphone work. Though I am a sucker for a good vibraphone their approach to it is absolutely incredible. Everything here within the sound has a crystal clarity to it. By keeping the sound moving constantly the rhythm has a beauty to it. Allowing everything within the sound to grow and build up the delicate flourishes have so much life to them. From the bass to the drums, it all has a delicacy to it, by making sure that the balance has a careful quality to it.

The burst of the energy has a blooming presence to it. Right from this initial hit the song comes into view. Full of a certain glee it is hard not to find the sound completely endearing. By using their specific cadence, they help to give the song a seemingly classic cadence. Sidestepping trends the result proves to be something quite timeless in nature. Nicely sprawling out into the infinite the song has a great sense of pacing. Grooves stun. All of it features a degree of a dreamy disposition. Lots of the work seemingly wafts up into the entirety of the piece. Throughout the work the geometric aspect of the track has a gentleness to it, one that revels in delicate touches.

Effortlessly cool, Sky Canyon proves to be all in sync with each other on the endlessly lovely trip of “Wijic”.


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