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Snowfish delves into a deliriously happy early aughts anthemic indie rock with “Chemicals”.

Snowfish – Chemicals

Snowfish delves into a deliriously happy early aughts anthemic indie rock with “Chemicals”. The joy of the track comes from its sense of pure uninhibited freedom that reigns supreme. Nods to the Strokes and Interpol adorn much of the work. Drums work overtime for they nicely combine elements of rock and dance into a singular whole. By far though the centerpiece of the sound emerges from the commanding vocals that weave their way through the rest of the arrangement in a way that has a soothing attitude about it. Usage of keyboards infusing their neon-hued bliss into the sound adds a nice touch to the whole thing.

They rush right into the heart of the matter for they hold absolutely nothing back. Less a buildup and more of an ebb and flow, their twists and turns have an unexpected beauty to them. Employing some impressive chops the groove has an addictive quality to it while it draws the rest of the piece together. Lyrics have a Sea and Cake disjointed dream-like cadence to them, appropriately suited for the way that the song evolves. Within the piece there is a sun-drenched happiness to it, a certain summery quality that feels overwhelmingly heady. Volume is not a must it is a given for they play it fast and they play it loud. Easy to get lost within it the way that it dashes on through further adds to its addictive quality.

“Chemicals” revels in the exquisite details and lovely arrangements that Snowfish utilizes ever so gleefully.



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