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“Someday” has a timeless magic to it featuring Brianne Matthews’ luxurious reassuring lyricism.

Brianne Matthews – Someday

Brianne Matthews brings a lovely intimacy on the vulnerable “Someday”. Sung with pure yearning there is a delightfulness to the way it all blends together. Her voice has such fragility about it for it holds nothing back. A dreaminess takes shape over the course of the work for there is a grace that she touches upon. Rhythms go for a crystal cool, sun-drenched and splendid. Optimism rests at the very centre of the whole affair, for she sculpts these verses with care. Jazz, light rock, R&B, and more are blended together in this rather sedate mix. Meditative at times there is a patience that she utilizes increasing the sheer power of her voice.

From the first moment there is an immediately welcoming warmth that stems from the atmosphere. Guitar work is as gentle as a breeze. Everything here is given an exceptional amount of room with which to roam. She does it well too – adding the right level of punctuation with the specific words in order to give them that much more weight about them. Over the course of the journey, she brings the listener deep inside her mind, of all her hopes and dreams. By revealing all of this detail she opts for something a whole lot more confessional. The arrangement then proves to be a backing band for the power of her stream-of-consciousness approach. Nor does it ever need to rise its voice for sometimes quiet can be loud.

“Someday” has a timeless magic to it featuring Brianne Matthews’ luxurious reassuring lyricism.

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