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Sophia Prise’s dance extravaganza of “M A N I F E S T E N T” makes the song a thrilling experience.

Sophia Prise - M A N I F E S T E N T

Sophia Prise’s throbbing dance extravaganza of “M A N I F E S T E N T” makes the song a truly thrilling experience. Thanks in part to the longer track duration she gives things plenty of time to build up. Her touch results in some wonderful mixes the sort of thing that feels addictive. Volume, a given, helps to ensure that the listener is constantly drawn further and further into this series of different sounds, ones that cascade uncontrollably over the course of the whole piece.

Ambient washes introduce the very first moments of the work. From afar the rest of the sound slowly establishes itself. Vocals give the sound a humanity one that has a wildness to it. With a nod to the natural world she taps into an animalistic presence within the entirety of her journey, one doubly refreshing with each reiteration of the theme. By allowing it all to intersect the piece feels celebratory. Ebbing and flowing in unexpected ways, the journey she takes the listener on gives it a gothic tenor. Lyrics have a thoughtfulness to them for they are nicely complimented with the rest of the arrangement, one that has a chaotic presence about it. At the end of the work they sweep up the rest of the sound into a gorgeous series of textures.

“M A N I F E S T E N T” features the deft skill of Sophia Prise for she builds off the initial groove in a way that gives her sound a truly timeless, classic tact about it.



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