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Speak Easy Circus comes with the fanfare fire on “Sewn Up”.

Speak Easy Circus - Sewn Up

Speak Easy Circus comes with the fanfare fire on “Sewn Up”. A lot of elegance emerges out of the arrangement. Volume is a given. Nothing gets held back for they do not go silently into that good night. The optimism of the track proves to be infectious for there is a joy that ties the whole thing together. Notes of Cake’s indie rock meets jazz take appears throughout. Guitar work has an angular quality to it. Funky grooves allow the song to limberly roll along. With vocals have a casual aspect to it them, the verses too add to the sense of purpose.

A bright brilliant burst of energy starts things up in earnest. The ebb and flow of the song makes it feel akin to a force of nature. Buildup of the sound further adds to the elegant demeanor. From the hit of the drums to the grace of the guitar, it has a keen sense of balance to it. One of the unexpected joys comes from the fanfare that punctuates much of the piece. Right when things can’t seem to get any more emotional and triumphant, there’s that blast of the horns section that brings it to that next level. Quite clever, they sidestep trends for a sound that is a bit more timeless. Instrumental vibrancy further works to keep the listener on their toes, for they constantly confound with their sense of purpose.

On the swirling composition of “Sewn Up” Speak Easy Circus proves to be remarkably poised storytellers.



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