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Strawberry Aqua ensures a blissed-out experience with the sprawling “Last Dance”.

Strawberry Aqua - Last Dance

An iridescent piece of pop, Strawberry Aqua updates the classic love ballad with a futuristic gleam on “Last Dance”. Electronics here bubble over with such compassion. Pieces of EDM, new wave, ambient, trance, and more enter into the fray giving the song a fully fleshed out appeal. Treated vocals are perfectly attuned to the genteel quality of the synthesized sound. Layer upon layer enters into the fray making sure that the piece has a kaleidoscopic quality to it. Dazzling colors further ensure that the song draws the listener in with its distinct beguiling charms.

From the first moment the mood is set. Everything about this mood engrosses the listener helping to add to the expansive take. So much energy comes into the mix, with her vocals almost shoegaze-like in terms of cadence. Akin to yet another textural element there is a bliss to be found within them. Lyrics have a poetry to them for the verses are balanced one on top of the other. Easily to get lost in the many different elements seem to interact in a way that has a delightful aspect to it. Beats hit with a distinct cadence to make it all swirl about in wonderful hues. Her voice at times brings to mind an electro take on Nico, for there is a similar stateliness to her power. By the time the final stretch hits it all seemingly meshes together into this peaceful sentiment.

Strawberry Aqua ensures a blissed-out experience with the sprawling “Last Dance”.



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