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Sunflower Summit goes for a sly meditation with “Become Undone”.

Sunflower Summit - Become Undone

Sunflower Summit goes for a sly meditation with “Become Undone”. Firmly rooted in alternative rock, there is a nice 90s flair to it. The addition of a gritty, folksy demeanor adds to the caliber of the production. Her voice contains multitudes for the words have a tremendous honesty to them. This earnest disposition helps to tie the whole piece together, making it sprawling. Rhythms go for a hypnotic nature of sorts, for there is a whole lot of passion poured into the proceedings. Guitars here have a delicate quality always right on the verge of outright collapse.

Limber guitar work introduces the piece, as it grows in a careful fashion. Drums have a ramshackle quality to them, for they have a dexterity to their work. Her voice, melting over the song, at times recalls a bit of Fiona Apple’s early work. Like her, Sunflower Summit makes sure there is a bit of mystery to it all. Tiny yet significant moments come through further reveling in exquisite small details. A sense of contemplation evolves, as the groove never strays from that initial impulse. Various pieces, little gesture feel majestic. For the final stretch there is a dream world that comes into focus, for what had been unclear becomes more direct. With an uncanny ability to make the language ever more direct gives the song a purpose of sorts, one that feels particularly earned for its spirited finale.

“Become Undone” features the elegant disposition of Sunflower Summit, a beautiful mixture of poetry and pop.


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