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Tha-GhostDawg and Akasha go for a gorgeous take on classic hip-hop with “Encore”.

Tha-GhostDawg & Akasha – Encore

Tha-GhostDawg and Akasha go for a gorgeous take on classic hip-hop with “Encore”. Melodically rich, the many layers interact to create something that has a true communal presence about it. Stylistically they run the gauntlet from trap, dub, R&B, and pop. Done with dignity there is a sense of timelessness that the song radiates. A great deal of detail is brought into the mix. Full of so much psychedelic flourishes a sense of dreaminess resonates. Beats too have a massiveness to them, a sheer force of nature themselves.

Right from the first moment the sound has an arena-size to it. Volume is a given so the rest of the sound gets fleshed out completely. The arrangement seems to virtually encompass everything. Vocals are mixed front and center with a commanding, confident presence to them. Everything about it features a fantastic ebb and flow to the work. Exploration of the sound makes sure to highlight the crystal clarity of the production. Much of it has a delicacy about it, for they balance a whole slew of different elements. Texturally rich it is easy to get lost in the many layers. Akasha’s presence proves to be a nice touch for there is a tenderness she expresses, one that feels full of such love. Buildup of the sound too has a natural presence to it, almost hypnotic in a way.

“Encore” features a bit of beauty about it, for Tha-GhostDawg & Akasha prove to be an exceptional duo combining the old and new into something truly soothing.



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