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The Electric Swing Circus goes for a giddy, gleeful run through a whole slew of styles.

The Electric Swing Circus – Gravity

The Electric Swing Circus goes for a giddy, gleeful run through a whole slew of styles on the genre-hopping “Gravity”. A lot of playfulness gets injected within the sound. Chamber pop, EDM, electro, indie rock, twee pop, this is a lot of joy to behold. Volume is a given. With vocals that sync up perfectly with everything else it all works wonders. Lyricism has a beauty behind it. In many ways they touch upon that completely beloved genre of trance pop/funk, that long lost genre that I grew up with and truly adored.

Quiet at first, they build the tension up and explode quickly, making the title track “Gravity” a pure joy. Virtually drenched in neon synthesizer hues, there is a giddiness behind the whole of the piece. Horns further add to the majesty of the piece. Here they go for a big, very big, sort of sound. Over the course of the track, they consume the listener whole. Beats here are chosen with care, for they range from martial to jazz to EDM with everything else in between. For the finale of the piece, they let it all hang it, with an infectious groove that is irresistible. On the flip side of the EP they are much more immediate, for “Claustrophobia” has pure energy. Everything about the piece swings on through, bringing the whole of the sound to an absolutely celebratory finale.

“Gravity” features the exquisite talent of the Electric Swing Circus in crafting a universe that feels so delightfully visceral.



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