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The Loview taps into the essence of chillwave on the stunningly beautiful “Sweet Elope”.

The Loview - Sweet Elope

Futuristic yet refreshingly retro, the Loview taps into the essence of chillwave on the stunningly beautiful “Sweet Elope”. Though instrumental, there is a narrative that grows across the whole of the work. Usage of jazz samples alongside the funky synthesized rhythms makes it a true earworm. By blending the real and the electronic there is a strange sense of life that feels readily apparent. Languid grooves take hold, with the intermittent inclusion of vocal snippets further giving the piece a rather stunning sort of arrangement.

The Byzantine patterns start things off immediately, with part of the joy in hearing the crackle of the origin. With this take they make sure that the piece glides on by as if in a dream. Nods to some of Flying Lotus’s clever intersection of jazz and hip-hop appear throughout, for there is a similarity in the style itself. Over the course of the journey the song becomes ever denser, making sure that nothing ever gets rushed. Rather, it is the ornate detail that truly makes the song exceptional. While the tempo remains unchanging, it is the in and out of focus sounds that help to add to the delirious sense of joy that permeates the whole thing. Quite elegant, the Loview’s ear for melody proves to be profound, as the song itself has a stateliness to it.

“Sweet Elope” revels in the tender blissed-out state of the Loview in crafting a splendid sort of aural universe one that truly wraps itself around the listener.



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