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Tom Saint - New Ferrari

Tom Saint - New Ferrari

A playful mixture of pop, hip-hop, and 8-bit comes together on Tom Saint’s giddy “New Ferrari”. Volume is a must for there is a tremendous strength that flows out of the sound. It comes from a myriad number of places from the intense driving rhythm of the bass to the vocals that weave it all together. This energy has a clear-eyed, razor-sharp focus to it even as a great deal of different melodies bounce off each other resulting in an almost psychedelic variation of the classic videogame sound. Lyrics seem to further highlight this otherworldliness for the entirety of the track races forward.

The beginning has a bit of a false start as there is a conversational tone that initially emerges. From there it all is propelled forward in a gorgeous big blurred sound, one that feels outright beautiful to behold. When the groove establishes itself, it moves quickly across the soundscape. His vocals take a commanding lead over the rest of the performance, for the other flourishes seem acutely aware of their need to punctuate the power of each verse. A sense of defiance and swagger grows expanding as the piece progresses absorbing ever new textures that further add to the neon-hued splendour. Quite intensely there is an inviting quality that takes shape, as the audio spectrum becomes saturated with a dazzling display that bursts in the final stretch.

“New Ferrari” shows off Tom Saint’s unique talent in crafting a sound that has a joyous approach that absolutely bursts with colour.



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