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Unforgettable new music video from UK artist Laura Greaves.

My affinity for edgy, dark-tinged pop is both unwavering and consistent. I am always on the lookout for new artists that can satiate my thirst for this special brand of icy pop. I was elated to happen upon Laura Greaves. Her latest effort, ‘Into The Dark,’ hits every single mark on my board of requirements: frosty beats, pulsing bass, and macabre lyrics. All heralded by Laura’s pristine vocals.

Laura's EP starts off with the lead single, ‘Psychopath,’ which is a stellar way to kick things off. Today, Laura has released the unforgettable music video for this track which you can watch right here:

The EP as a whole is bursting at the seams with wickedly fun lyrics that allude to all things dark and creepy. Laura is a wonderful lyricist and has a real talent for writing lyrics that are colorful without being over-the-top. They are dark without being disturbing and poppy enough for radio. This can be said of all four tracks on the EP. ‘Star Sign’ is another great track. It is cold and all-encompassing and packs a powerful, ballad- esque punch. It is one of the more subdues moments on the EP and serves as a wonderful cleanse before the rest of the EP possesses you with its hypnotic beats and devilish professions. I have been unable to stop listening to ‘Into The Dark’ since it came out. It is a fun and fresh project and has just the right amount of edge that keeps me coming back.

Music video for 'Psychopath' directed by Cat Job and edited by Joe Petit.

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