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Wave 21 weaves country, indie, and surf rock into a playful whole with “Way Far Back”.

Wave 21 - Way Far Back

Wave 21 weaves country, indie, and surf rock into a playful whole with “Way Far Back”. Her voice radiates a kindness. Thanks to their attention to detail there is a hint of mid 90s imbued within the whole of the sound. From the twang of the guitar to the low-key hit of the drums they do not rush anything. Rather, much of it has a genuineness to it. By ensuring each detail is given plenty of room to roam, there is a meditative quality to it. An entire history gets referenced and the verses reflect that in a way that has an honesty to it. Her voice further sells it for the vulnerability she displays has a grandeur, showing off wide-open spaces.

The first few moments see the track come into view. Atmosphere is of the essence within this introduction. From there the rest of the guitars get woven together to make a wonderful tapestry one that has a true realness to it. Her delivery has a grit to it, one that does not hold anything back. Word choice matters for the verses explore a nostalgia, a desire to return back to those simpler times. By balancing these items together, a bit of clarity enters into the fray. Each additional reiteration of the sound makes sure that it constantly soars on up into the sky, letting go in a way that is truly earned.

On the rather thoughtful “Way Far Back” Wave 21 shows off their uncanny ability to explore a life lived to the absolute fullest.



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