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Beatnik Party keep their art rock loose and limber throughout the thoughtful “Pyramid Song”.

Beatnik Party - Pyramid Song

Beatnik Party keep their art rock loose and limber throughout the thoughtful “Pyramid Song”. One of the highlights of the track comes from the tactile energy that pours of drumming, giving it a tribal giddy glee about it. Full of so much creativity, the rhythm never ceases. Their vocals have a ceremonial quality about them for they sing chant together in a way that further adds to the sense of togetherness that the track explores. Lyrics go for the elusive as there are many different aspects to the whole of the piece that have their own loveliness. Riffs run on through merging with the beat in a way that has a perfect balance to it.

Right from the beginning they set the tone featuring a truly spectacular opening. From those pounding of the drums the rest of the sound enters into the fray. They keep things unified throughout as there is an ebb and flow to the atmosphere that has a liveliness to it. Vocals here have a commanding quality to them with each verse chosen with the utmost of care. By ensuring that it all neatly blends into a cohesive whole there is a creativity here, of small flourishes here and little nods there that add to the sense of purpose. With this driving force the song never loses focus remaining sharp for the entirety of the grand procession.

“Pyramid Song” has a mysterious, sophisticated air about it proving Beatnik Party to be one of those bands that defies trends for something a whole lot more timeless.



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