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A playful, slightly off-kilter spirit dominates the Bad Egg’s “Backspin”.

The Bad Egg – Backspin

A playful, slightly off-kilter spirit dominates the Bad Egg’s “Backspin”. The keyboard features a degree of joy to it, and it goes for a nimble quality. Everything here embraces a loose style, as things become a bit unpredictable. Yet right in the centre of it all is a groove so infectious it is impossible to get out of one’s head. Reminiscent of the casual cool Gen X style of early Beck, their interplay has a classic cadence to it. Indeed, the whole song has a spirit of a pure labour of love.

Tactile percussion introduces the whole of the piece. Little elements come into view in a way that feels so comfortable. Vocals have a wonderful, old-school approach to them. Nods to 70s singer-songwriters also emerge, for the Bad Egg prove to be masters of deep dives into various stylistic choices. Over the course of the track, they prove to be well-listened, as the intricate details and small flourishes add to the fun. A great deal of instrumental variety enters into the fray too for they employ a hybrid style in a way that has a fantastic glowing presence about it. Growth of the work allows an organic appearance to it, for they feature a great deal of attention. Lyrics too have a poetry about them, for the verses have a balance to them as they nicely rise up into the sky.

Done with the greatest level of skill, the Bad Egg goes for a distinct 90s alternative rock groove with “Backspin”.



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