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A raw grit comes barreling through Love Ghost’s “Pulp”.

Love Ghost – Pulp

A raw grit comes barreling through Love Ghost’s “Pulp”. Fuzzed-out beyond belief, there is a harsh buzzing essence to the track. This offers nods to the hard rock grunge fusion of Alice in Chains during the peak of their powers. Much like that group, Love Ghost holds nothing back. Confronting the listener, going deep into the red, the song feels visceral. Done with the utmost of care they make sure to sculpt everything together into a coherent, cohesive whole. Lyrics rest right at the very center of the entire thing for they tie the entirety of the journey together. The multiple layers work in unison to create this lumbering beast of a track.

Tension proves to be quite high right from the beginning. Rhythms go for a fat, swaggering heft with each kick of the drum working wonders. Over the course of the trip they make sure that the anxiety brought on by this deliberate pace does get some relief, but only on their terms. Instead of the usual chorus, theirs is a fiery flaming scream up to the sky. A forlorn tribute for sure they let those riffs roll around in the muck to further ensure that the aural assault on the senses does its job properly. Volume is a given for the whole of the track threatens to burst their own amplifiers, as it has a barely contained animalistic fury.

“Pulp” shows off the deft skill of Love Ghost in crafting a fully immersive universe one that feels purely delirious.



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