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“All Of Your Lovin’” goes into vulnerable territory.

TATE SEDAR - All Of Your Lovin'

Photo credit: Christian Adams (IG @visually.chris)

TATE SEDAR merges R&B and EDM into a shockingly tender whole on “All Of Your Lovin’”. Something truly beautiful happens within the sound. By utilizing a toy box like melody, he portrays a sense of wonder and love within the atmosphere. Grooves are held back and the beats are kept relatively light on their feet. Easily the highlight and what ties the entire trip together are his wonderful vocals. Featuring lyrics that have a timeless grace to them, the vocals come directly from the heart and it shows. A kindness comes into view, one that reveals a kindness and compassion for others.

Photo credit: Christian Adams (IG @visually.chris)

Detailed little chords introduce themselves setting the tone for what quickly follows. Here he lets the groove build up quickly. Vocals entering into the mix truly solidify the whole thing. Nods to groups like Disclosure appear on throughout the track. Layer upon layer enters into the mix but it always retains that initial lightness. Even his voice has a restraint behind it, a mixture of old-school love song meets contemporary dance track. Yet he never fully commits to either finding his own middle ground between the two extremes. Thanks to this sensible taking from both genres the song has a thoroughly enjoyable pace to it. Beats even avoid going too deep into the red for they too possess an emotional component working as punctuation to the power of his words.

“All Of Your Lovin’” goes into vulnerable territory, for TATE SEDAR bares his very soul over the course of the balanced serene track.



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